It is time to begin preparations for the 4th Annual Arkansas STEM Festival, which will be held on March 9th, 2018. On display will be a variety of projects showcasing topics in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Students in grades 5-12 may apply to present their projects at the Arkansas STEM Festival. Interested students should work with an adviser or teacher to apply; guidelines and instructions for applications may be found on our website. We also encourage students in grades K-12 to come and tour the festival on the 9th.

While we welcome projects from any aspect of STEM, this year's special theme is Agriculture. Agriculture is the largest industry in Arkansas, so it seems only right to ask how the STEM skills can improve Agriculture in Arkansas and around the world. How can we improve on the technology of the farm? What new compounds might we discover to protect our crops and our livestock? What mathematical formulas can we create to make our fields and farms more efficient? Is traditional farming still the best way to feed the world? If our new technologies fail, how do we deal with the fallout? Find the answers to these questions, or any questions in STEM, as we prepare for the 4th annual Arkansas STEM Festival!




Arkansas STEM Festival

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